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Zhang Li
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Date of birth December 26, 1976
Date of death March 2020
Biographical Information
Rank CEO
Species Human
Gender Male
Rank CEO
Weapons Viblade
Hair None
Eyes Green
Chronological and Political Information
Rank CEO
Notable Facts Founder of dataDyne
Affiliation dataDyne
Zhang Li is the founder of dataDyne and the creator of DeathMatch VR. He is the main antagonist in Perfect Dark Zero.


An ambitious and ruthless businessman, Zhang Li hailed from humble beginnings in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, turning his father's simple import-export business into the empire-sized dataDyne of today. On the outside he portrays himself as a simple and wise leader, but his true motives are always kept close to heart. Generally using any methods to attain his goals, dataDyne's values and lack of ethics easily reveal Zhang Li's true nature.

Perfect Dark Zero

Zhang Li makes his first appearance in Mission 4, observing Mai Hem battling an opponent on his custom DeathMatch VR set. He is shown to take great pleasure in seeing Mai Hem defeat her opponents, and notices Joanna when she finds out that his custom version kills the loser. Mistaking her for a professional player, he pits Joanna against Mai Hem. Shortly before Mai Hem is killed, Zhang Li disconnects the rig, saving Mai Hem's life. While he orders for a medical team, Joanna slips away unnoticed.


Zhang Li's after using the Graal's power

Zhaing Li isn't seen again until Chandra presents him with the Graal. He uses the Graal and transforms himself 'into a god'. When Chandra asks for her payment due, he states that he needs one more thing from her: her life. After he kills Chandra, Joanna approaches him and tells him that she's there to stop him. Unwilling to go peacefully, Zhang Li uses his newly acquired powers to bring the Coliseum - and the two of them - to the skies. After Joanna defeats him, he begs for his life, wanting to be worshiped for the god he believed he was. He succumbs to his wounds and dies in an explosion of light and energy.


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