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PDZ Viblade in-game
Type Melee
Primary Mode Slash
Secondary Mode Deflect
Damage (per Hit) High~Very High
Ideal Range 6.6 ft (2 m)
Rate of Fire 3 swings at a time

The Viblade is a melee weapon found in Perfect Dark Zero.


The Viblade is a sword of unknown origin, covered with glyphs. Its name comes from a portmanteau of "Viper" and "Blade" due to the handle of the sword resembling a viper.

Its secondary function emits a shield in front of the user that deflects all bullets that hit it, thus making the user immune to gunfire sent to them from in front. After some time, the shield is deactivated and the glyphs on the sword turn red, turning blue once the shield recharges, as noted by the sound of a viper.


The Viblade is extremely damaging and can kill an enemy in at least one hit (Combat Arena opponents in three hits), usually bypassing the armor and directly damaging health. It can be swung three times in a row to allow a quick kill. Its bullet shield deflects all bullets coming from in front of the user, allowing the user to approach and fight gunners in front of them relatively unharmed, as well as being able to detect any Laptop Gun turrets in front of them.


The Viblade only works at close range, being a melee weapon, so the player must be careful to use it on singular enemies. When the shield is activated, the player cannot attack and is also vulnerable to gunfire from all directions except the direction they're facing. The shield also takes time to recharge, depending on how long it was used.


The Viblade is Zhang Li's signature weapon, as noted by the fact that he usually carries it with him and uses it against Joanna Dark in Arena Showdown.

Mission Appearances

Perfect Dark Zero
  • Mansion Infiltration - Accessed via the laser tripwire room in the mansion itself. For easy access, bring the Datathief to shut off the laser tripwires to prevent damage, although the damage is nullified once the DeathMatch VR fight with Mai Hem begins.
  • Arena Showdown - Used by Zhang Li himself against the player once he joins them on the central dais. If he swings his sword but stumbles, the player can take his sword and use it against him, although he will take it back after he leaves the dais unless he is killed in time. In this case, the player can just bring their own Viblade to the mission, and Zhang Li won't steal the player's Viblade as he already has his own.


Image Gallery - Screenshots


  • As soon as the Viblade hits a human being, the sword is permanently covered in blood, even if the human is already dead.

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