Velvet Dark is Joanna Dark's assumed sister, and appears as a simulant or second player buddy in Perfect Dark's Co-op mode. She is unlocked by default, and carries a Falcon 2.


In-game, the AI Velvet behaves as a normal guard would; the only modifiers occur when the player uses the order menu to have her either be more aggressive (in which she will chase enemies to shoot them, instead of waiting for them to appear), or more passive (in which she will stay close to the player). If shot, no wound will appear. The player cannot hurt Velvet. When playing, she will shoot all enemies, regardless if they are surrendering or if you are in a stealth mission.


Low Quality Image of Velvet Dark, Dead, on Stage 1 (DataDyne Central: Defection)


Leaked image of a new game called "Velvet Dark" - being a game which the protagonist is Joanna Dark's sister. The game was never released.

She is the only Co-Op partner in the campaign that can be controlled by the second player. When the Velvet player completes the last mission objective first, she will replace Joanna in the accompanying cutscene, and speak her lines. The playable Velvet changes costume per level just as Joanna does.

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