• McLarenP1 Boy
    • New separate storylines pertaining to the backstories of Jonathan, Chandra, and Jack before the events of Perfect Dark Zero.
    • There could have been MedKits in the game, which restore maximum health up to 100%, just like in Doom 3. On Dark Agent, though, those MedKits should disappear altogether.
    • Giving enemies stronger weapons on higher difficulties. Examples would include:
      • Enforcers carrying SuperDragons on Perfect Agent/Dark Agent in Nightclub Stakeout
      • Biker punks carrying KSI-74s on Secret Agent in Subway Retrieval
    • An 800-round ammo cap for the pistols, SMGs, rifles, etc. The DEF-12 Shotgun would get a maximum of 320 shells, the DY357 Magnum 288 bullets, Rocket Launcher 50 rockets, and Jackal 100 rounds.
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