PDZ Unarmed

Type Melee
Primary Mode Punch
Secondary Mode Disarm
Damage (per Hit) Low
Ideal Range Close
Rate of Fire Low
High (Hurricane Fists Cheat)
Appears in Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
Even without a weapon, you are still a worthy adversary. Use your fists to knock your opponents out or disarm them and use their weapons against them.
Everyone, when unarmed, is expected to use their hands in combat. Unarmed Human or Computer players will be certain to use their fists against opponents, in the hopes of acquiring the opponent's firearm, when there are no other weapons nearby.


Attacking your foes does damage, depending on the difficulty/handicap, and will not only harm them but also disorientate them, like the Tranquilizer and the N-Bomb, which reduces accuracy and visual clarity.

Players can also use Disarm as well, instead of punching a target. The player can disarm foes easily, but in the missions where you must acquire an object from an innocent target (Stewardess, Cassandra etc), the use of non-lethal force is absolutely necessary. Foes disarmed in this manner may either: stick their hands up and plead for their life or pull out a Falcon 2 (or even two!) and continue fighting (you can't disarm these). Victims will also be disorientated when disarmed.

In Combat Simulator, FistSims will use their fists unless a close range weapon is available and PeaceSims will definitely use Disarm when in combat. Still, all simulants will punch targets, when they don't have a weapon, and the rate of their punches vary with difficulty. Yet the noise they make will remain at the same pitch, unlike the player.

As a glitch, when Combat Simulator is played with two or more players, sometimes Simulants will score headshots on human players with punches and sometimes causing them to make gasping sounds. This is the only way Simulants can cause human players to gasp when scoring headshots.

Perfect Dark - Weapons and Gadgets
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