PDZ Unarmed

Type Melee
Primary Mode Punch
Secondary Mode Disarm
Damage (per Hit) Low
Ideal Range Close
Rate of Fire Low
High (Hurricane Fists Cheat)
Appears in Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
Even without a weapon, you are still a worthy adversary. Use your fists to knock your opponents out or disarm them and use their weapons against them.
Everyone, when unarmed, is expected to use their hands in combat. Unarmed Human or Computer players will be certain to use their fists against opponents, in the hopes of acquiring the opponent's firearm, when there are no other weapons nearby.


When Unarmed, players can perform two separate attacks with their fists, Punch and Disarm.

Attacking your foes with Punch does varying amounts of damage depending on the difficulty and handicap, but the damage done is always lower than most of the guns availible in the game. Punches that land will also disorientate targets, like the Tranquilizer and the N-Bomb, reducing the target's accuracy and visual clarity. Hitting an enemy in the back will always take them out in a single hit (with the exception of the Skedar).

Hitting an enemy with Disarm does less damage then Punch, but it allows for the player to rob the enemy of whatever weapon or item they are currently carrying, with the player instantly acquiring the weapon/item that was taken. If you are already in possession of the same weapon that was stolen, you are given ammo for the weapon in your inventory instead. Foes disarmed in this manner will either stick their hands up in surrender and plead for their life, fight the player unarmed or pull out a Falcon 2. Certain enemies throughout the game cannot be disarmed in this manner (such as Cassandra's Bodyguards and the Skedar), and if a disarmed enemy pulls out a Falcon 2, dispite their being a brief moment where you can take it, it generally also cannot be taken with Disarm.

In the Combat Simulator, FistSims will use their fists unless a close-range weapon like the knife or laser is available, and PeaceSims will primarily use Disarm when in combat. All simulants will punch targets when they don't have a weapon, and the rate of their punches varies with the difficulty level of the Simulant.

As a glitch, when Combat Simulator is played with two or more players, sometimes Simulants will score headshots on human players with punches and sometimes causing them to make gasping sounds. This is the only way Simulants can cause human players to gasp when scoring headshots.

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