UGL Liberator
UGL Liberator
Manufacturer Unknown
Model Uzi
Type Sub-Machine Gun
Primary Mode Fully Automatic
Secondary Mode Proximity Self-Destruct
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy Low
Ideal Range Short
Rate of Fire High
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds (9x19mm)
Magazine Capacity 24
Maximum Ammo 200 Rounds
The UGL Liberator, also referred to as simply UGL, is a sub-machine gun that has a primary function similar to that of the DW-P5. The secondary function, however, is a Proximity Self-Destruct that changes the weapon into an explosive and unassuming booby-trap, much like the Dragon.


A compact SMG preferable for close-range combat and use as a mine.

It has very poor damage and accuracy, but instead it trades the previously said downsides for an extreme fire rate, the UGL Liberator's 24-round magazine depletes rapidly and eats through body armor first.

Its secondary fire allows the user to throw down the weapon and install an explosive booby trap, like the Dragon. When touched, it creates a blue jarring explosion that is sure enough to kill (or at least severely injure) anyone who comes across the explosions. To distinguish a dropped UGL from a booby-trapped one, look at the gun on the ground. If it's not glowing, it's booby-trapped.

The UGL Liberator can be dual-wielded.


The UGL Liberator is perfect for use at close range due to its rapid fire rate, allowing for a quick kill. When dual-wielded, the UGL can become even deadlier. When deployed as a booby trap, it will kill (or at least severely injure) anyone who triggers the trap, thus making the gun a perfect substitute for the MultiMine if it's unavailable. Booby-trapped UGLs combined with MultiMines allow for death traps waiting to kill unsuspecting enemies.


As previously stated, the UGL is poor in damage and accuracy. Plus, heavy recoil puts the UGL Liberator at a huge disadvantage, especially coupled with its fast fire rate: the gun becomes incredibly inaccurate through sustained fire, so controlled fire is required to keep your aim true. If used against the player by enemies, it only shred their armor first before directly damaging health. When dual-wielded, the UGL's accuracy is worse. The gun is not suitable for long-range use, although this ultimately falls on the player's aiming skills.

When thrown down to the ground as a booby trap, the UGL will not distinguish itself between friend and foe, in a similar weakness to the assault rifle Dragon. Even then, it can be reprogrammed with the RCP-90's tertiary function, but if an enemy triggers the booby trap by walking onto it and allies happen to be within the UGL's explosive blast radius, the player can still receive a penalty for killing their teammates (even though the UGL has been reprogrammed to not trigger when allies step on it) or commit suicide if they trigger their own UGL. The UGL can also be triggered by shooting it with a weapon or engulfing it in another explosion. If you try to set up too many booby-trapped UGLs (more than 3), all of them will explode at once, killing you (and anyone who may have been near them).


The UGL Liberator is favored mainly by Killian's Hong Kong Triad gang and several dataDyne soldiers.


Perfect Dark Zero



  • The UGL Liberator is based on the IMI Uzi.

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