This simulant wears a prototype shield generator developed by dataDyne scientists. The generator projects a protective shield around its host which has twice the strength of a normal shield. Unfortunately, this restricts the hosts movement, so it can only move at a slow pace, TurtleSims carry this shield as standard even if there are no shields on the level.
The TurtleSim is a special type of Simulant found in the Combat Simulator.


These sims are a blessing and a curse; it is twice as slow as a normal simulant, but it comes pre-equipped with a super shield that is twice as powerful as a normal shield. They are slow; however, their accuracy is still equivalent to that of its selected difficulty. Dark TurtleSims will be sharpshooters, and Meat TurtleSims will be heavily shielded but still be nearly unable to hit their target.

If the handicap setting is set to a high level, the TurtleSims' shield can take a very LONG time to deplete.

Perfect Dark - Simulants
Difficulties MeatSimEasySimNormalSimHardSimPerfectSimDarkSim
Types PeaceSimShieldSimRocketSimKazeSimFistSimPreySimCowardSimJudgeSimFeudSimSpeedSimTurtleSimVengeSim

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