Manufacturer NSA
Type Sedative Injector
Primary Mode Sedate
Secondary Mode Lethal Injection
Damage (per Hit) Low (Primary)
Fatal (Secondary)
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Point Blank - Medium
Ammo Type Sedatives
Magazine Capacity 8 Sedatives
Maximum Ammo 200 Sedatives
Appears in Perfect Dark
A rapid-fire device, it can be used as a weapon in an emergency, but it is designed primarily as a dermal spray injector for sedative drugs. Users are advised that a full discharge of the drug reservoir can be fatal.
The Tranquilizer is a small weapon used by scientists of Area 51.


It has two functions: sedate and lethal injection. Sedate acts like a standard weapon and fires sedative darts at the target, causing a little damage and a lot of sluggishness and disorientation.

As with any weapon causing dizziness, this will carry over to the next respawn in Combat Simulator. In the single player missions, it will knock out any human with 3 darts to any part of the body. The darts appear to be completely ineffective against the Skedar, but this is likely because the Skedar "body" is mostly cybernetic (except for the "tail"). FistSims generally use the Lethal Injection function of the Tranquilizer as a result of their pugilistic tendencies, and can kill multiple enemies very quickly as though the injection is semi-automatic.

If the Invincible cheat is enabled, you will not suffer from disorientation when hit.

Lethal injection uses four rounds to (usually) kill the opponent, but it can only be used at close range. Though this has to be yet confirmed, it appears more than 3 shots to a target will kill them, due to a single, but slight, change in body orientation when incapacitated after the 3rd hit.

In single player, Sedate will cause an NPC to be "knocked out but alive" while Lethal Injection will kill them.

Combat Simulator

When hit, Sims typically run around in circles in a humorous fashion due to dizziness. As with other weapons, Simulants can switch between firing modes instantly. When Simulants fire the weapon in its secondary mode, it makes the reloading sound effect. They can also rapidly kill multiple targets.

This is one of the weapons that the FistSim uses. However, it will need to close the gap as it uses the close range injection only. All Easy+ non-PeaceSims will use the secondary function if their targets are too close.


Perfect Dark

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