The Tranq-7 is a tranquilizer pistol that has been featured in the Perfect Dark novels.


The Tranq-7 is a tranquilizer that first appeared in the novel Perfect Dark: Initial Vector. The Tranq-7 shoots pellets that contains a green and yellow drug that immobilizes the target when contact is made.


Mission Appearances

Perfect Dark: Initial Vector

  • Used by Kimiko and several members of her capture team when they capture Benjamin Able as he tries to escape the Pacific Centre mall in Chapter 3.
  • One of the two weapons Laurent Hayes choses when Joanna infiltrates pharmaDyne and attempts to escape in Chapter 10.

Perfect Dark: Second Front

  • Joanna gets one pressed against her forehead at the very end of Chapter 14 after she escapes the firefight in Plaza Lerdo, Mexico.
  • Joanna is shot multiple times with Tranq-7s in Chapter 21 as Leland Shaw and several other Hawk mercenaries capture her for Chun Fan.


  • A Tranquilizer did exist seperately from the Psychosis Gun in Perfect Dark, however it was not called the Tranq-7.
  • It is possible that, since the Tranq-7 only appeared in the novels, it was intended to be the model name for the Tranquilizer for Perfect Dark. However there is no visual evidence of this.


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