Given the number of accidents and deaths in the field caused by mines and sentry gun, the dataDyne Corporation developed a special sensor package that detects several leading electronic configurements that are used in such devices. The result has become standard issue on several types of weapons, meaning the difference between life and death in the field.

Threat Detector

Threat Detector Trick.

Threat Detectors are devices which are used to spot hidden dangers such as wallguns, mines, and other kinds of defensive measures. This can be a life saver in the hands of a skilled user.

The K7 Avenger makes full use of such a device, allowing the user to use it while still being able to fire the weapon, while mines restrict your ability to throw them. 


In the Carrington Villa map, if you point the detector at the wind turbine, it'll class it as an 'Auto-Gun'. This is because the 3D model for the wind turbine IS an actual auto gun that was heavily modified to look like a turbine.

Perfect Dark, Windmill Auto-gun mystery

Perfect Dark, Windmill Auto-gun mystery

Weapons with the Threat Detector

K7 Avenger

Timed Mine

Proximity Mine