These simulants have been trained for speed. They can easily outrun a human player, so it's no use running away from a SpeedSim unless you know some good shortcuts!
The SpeedSim is a special type of Simulant found in the Combat Simulator.


SpeedSims are simply scripted; they are all scripted to be faster than a DarkSim. All SpeedSims have the same speed: quite fast. Their speed can be increased further through the "Fast Movement" option. The accuracy and behavior are influenced by their difficulty.


  • SpeedSims are extremely proficient in objective-based modes:
    • In Hold the Briefcase, SpeedSims can effectively outrun EVERY opposition.
    • In King of the Hill, SpeedSims can easily race to and capture the hill, they strafe so quickly that its hard to hit them. Against any CPU, however, accuracy is not a matter.
    • In Hacker Central, the SpeedSim can quickly get the Uplink, and race to the computer.
    • Probably the most deadly mode for it is Capture the Case. It can rack up points very easily.
  • If you are attacked by a SpeedSim, try to move close to it and circle it, if it isn't moving forward or backwards, it's much easier to hit.
  • A Player C-Strafing can actually outrun a SpeedSim, and consequently, DarkSims!

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