Manufacturer Skedar
Type Rocket Launcher
Primary Mode Rocket Launch
Secondary Mode Fly-By-Wire Rocket
Damage (per Hit) Explosive
Accuracy Varies
Ideal Range Varies
Rate of Fire Low
Ammo Type Rockets
Magazine Capacity 1 Rocket
Maximum Ammo 3 Rockets
Appears in Perfect Dark
The Skedar enjoy seeing the terror of their enemies. It seems natural that they should have a remote-controlled rocket as a secondary fire mode on their basic rocket launcher, so they can take pleasure from the prey's vain attempt to escape the closing projectile.
The Slayer is a type of Skedar heavy weapon. It is considered to be one of the hardest weapons to find throughout the game, being noted to only appear in a few areas. It also will not be given when the player has enabled the Jo - All Weapons Cheat.


The Slayer looks less than its human counterpart but morethanless use the same ammunition, despite its extraterrestial origin. The weapon can fire normally but careful aiming must be considered for the missiles can alter course during movement.

The Secondary Mode activates Fly-By-Wire, allowing the user to remotely direct the missile through the area manually. While hard to steer, the missile's velocity accelerates quickly but holding down the R Button will cause it to decelerate, which is useful for navigating corners.

Detonation can be remotely detonated via the Z Button but smashing the missile against a surface or, more preferably, an unfortunate soul that may take your fancy.

The missile's range is unlimited but should it be taken out of boundaries, the screen will go static and control will be lost unless the missile is piloted back into the map. Skilled users can navigate missiles deliberately into out of bound areas to reach enemies, in another area, from a unexpected angle of attack.


The main issue with the Slayer is that its rockets accelerate slower than that of the Datadyne Counterpart, leading to accidental casualties involving running into one's own missiles. While operating the secondary ability, the user is also vulnerable to enemy attacks. His/her screen will flash red however when attacked.


Perfect Dark
  • Attack Ship: Covert Assault - In an area on the same floor as the Star Map objective. It is past the room with the tanks containing Skedar creatures.
  • Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine - A Skedar warrior in the inner sanctum wields a Slayer. The Skedar King also wields a staff that acts as a Slayer.
  • WAR! - Used by the second Skedar King.


  • Players playing solo, on combat simulator will actually suffer from poison inflicted by thrown Combat Knives as long as they're operating the secondary fire option of this weapon.
  • While appearing to use and launch Slayer missiles, the Skedar King dosen't appear to use the physical model of the weapon as instead they emerge from his staff.

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