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Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine
is the seventeenth and final level in Perfect Dark. The level is set on the Skedar homeworld and involves Joanna Dark destroying sacred Skedar objects and killing the Skedar leader.

It is set on a Large, Mostly Arid Planet, Orbiting Three Suns


When you first enter the area were you blow a hole in the wall with the Devastator there is a little Alleyway that leads to a room with two Skedar and the second shield  Continue on the level as of normal intel you reach the room with two Skedar with the Slayer kill or disarm one (but its better if you kill so you would not have to worry about a Skedar following you and trying to kill you.) And then after you do that backtrack to the room that had the Door you made with the Devastator and the alleyway. Go through the alleyway kill the fist Skedar and then the Skedar by the second shield  and the crack in the wall. Then once you've killed the two Skedar pull out the Slayer shoot it through the "S" crack with its Secondary mode (Fly-By-Wire.)  go in the crack and look down at the floor(Try not to hit anything while in FBW mode.)Then you will find the piece of cheese or if you have the sniper rifle cheat on  you can zoom at it also. Whatever suits you best.

Leaderboard Crown

Rocked - To earn this Crown, you must complete Objective 1 (identify temple targets) within the first 30 seconds of the mission, on Perfect Agent dificulty. This Crown will take a bit of pracice, as the three pillars you need to mark must be in these specific points:

-The first hallway.

-The lone pillar to the right of the path leading to the canyon.

-The tall pillar just over the wall of the lone second pillar

When you start, turn on your R-Tracker to help find each pillar. When attempting to mark the third pillar, try  throwing a Bug over the wall to mark it instead of walking over to it, otherwise you will have to fight the Skedar with Reapers, which will waste time.


To unlock the "R-Tracker/Weapons Cache Locations" Cheat, beat the mission on any difficulty. This Cheat, when activated, allows you to start any mission with an R-Tracker which when worn will allow you to see secret weapon cache locations. To unlock the "All Guns in Solo" Cheat, beat the mission in under 5:31 on Perfect Agent difficulty. As the name implies, this Cheat, when active, allows you to start any mission with every gun available in the game (Except the Slayer), however ammo is not included.

(Note: Alternatively, both of these Cheats can be unlocked through the N64's Transfer Pak, or by installing Perfect Dark Zero on your Xbox 360's HDD)

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