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The Skedar Assault Ship is a large starcraft commanded by the Skedar. Attack Ship: Covert Assault Takes place here. 

The Starcraft itself is very large, able to house multiple prisoners and aircraft. It contains a hangar with rooms that not only contain the hangar door controlls, but also teleportation rooms that allow Skedar personel to quickly teleport around the ship.

Up a pair of elevators the first floor is home to many Skedar quarters, a Starmap, and the Assault Ship's engines. 

Going up a small hallway and continuing up two elevators revealls the bridge, being held by a large Skedar, dual wielding Maulers. After securing the bridge form the onslaught, Joanna and Elvis make a shocking discovery: the ship is hovering over the Skedar Homeworld!

In-Game Description

Skedar Assault Ship: Troop carrying spacecraft

An interplanetary assault ship that carries Skedar warriors to their war zones. Part of the much-reduced Skedar battle fleet. 


It is unknown what the Skedar had planned for Johanna and Cassandra, but it seems likely they would have stood charges in front of the Skedar Priest.