A Simulant, commonly shortened to "Sim", is a bot that can be added to games in the Combat Simulator. Different difficulties can be chosen for the sims and their appearance can be altered. Their name cannot be changed, however, even though the Challenges have simulant names based on the characters they represent.

Simulants are also used in Perfect Dark's Co-op mode; however, they do not operate like multiplayer simulants.

Simulant Types

Difficulty Levels

MeatSim: The MeatSim is the least complex sim, scripted to a minimum. It has slower than normal speed, and accuracy under 10%. For a player to be overwhelmed by a MeatSim, many have to be attacking the player at the same time. They were made to be the equivalent of a utterly new player, sweeping from left to right trying to hit its target. Perfect for beginners.

EasySim: The EasySim is slightly more complex than the MeatSim. It still has slower than normal speed, and accuracy is scripted at around 30% and is able to disarm opponents

NormalSim: The NormalSim is the default simulant for most battles. It was made to simulate a player with average experience in playing Perfect Dark. Its accuracy is scripted at about 60% and runs at the normal speed.

HardSim: The HardSims represent good players. They move faster than normal, and shoot with around 70% accuracy.

PerfectSim: PerfectSims represent skilled players, and die only when its enemy has a stronger weapon. It is scripted to a complex level: It first gets weapons and ammo as fast as possible, then starts attacking enemies, or, alternatively, protects losing teammates. It is scripted to a level that it aims at enemies through walls (but doesn't fire, of course). This makes it so it will fire immediately after its target runs out of cover. When the target respawns, it fires off one shot aimed directly at the respawn location, which is dangerous if it's using the Rocket Launcher or Slayer. Its accuracy is scripted at about 80%, and moves slightly faster than normal, it can also use the Fly-By-Wire of the Slayer.

DarkSim: The most skilled and most complexly scripted simulant, the DarkSim rarely fails at its objective. Its accuracy is 100%, and any miss can be considered a game glitch. Like the PerfectSim, it knows the exact location of its target and aims through walls at it. However, the range of it doing this is increased. It fires at respawn points of its most recently killed target like the PerfectSim. The DarkSim runs at nearly twice the normal speed.

All challenges are played against simulants.