The Kangxi Armaments Pump-Action Shotgun Civilian-Model Type IV. This shotgun seems to be very little used, and it is possible that as a civilian weapon it could be an out of date model. Having said that, we have heard nothing about Types I through III, but Kangxi Armaments don't seem to crop up in the story of Perfect Dark much at all. It is possible the company is already liquidated by the time the events of Second Front come to light.


Not much is known about the Shotgun Civilian-Model Type IV, except it is a pump-action shotgun. It was powerful enough to disintegrate a door to splinters and shooting through a wall.


As a civilian armament, the Civilian Type IV is nothing fancy.

Mission Appearances

Perfect Dark: Hong Kong Sunrise

  • On Page 5, on the chair next to Joanna as she is cleaning. The Shotgun doesn't match the the dataDyne Shotgun or DEF-12, but seems to match the description of the Civilian IV.

Perfect Dark: Initial Vector

  • Chapter 16, when Joanna attempts to arrest Leung, he shoots through the door and the wall of his LoveMatch VR room using this shotgun in an attempt to kill her.


  • This is one of the only guns mentioned in the series that isn't from the games in any way.
  • While not mentioned as the Kangxi Armaments Civilian Model Type IV, the shotgun in Hong Kong sunrise isn't the right shape to be the dataDyne Shotgun or the DEF-12. While a guess, it would make sense that this weapon would be the Civilian Type IV, since Jack Dark and his team were struggling for money at the time and civilian weapons would be cheaper to buy.


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