Type Heavy Weapon
Sniper Rifle
Secondary Mode X-Ray
Damage (per Hit) High
Accuracy Very High
Ideal Range Long
Ammo Type Shockwave Bullets
Magazine Capacity 30
Maximum Ammo 30
The Shockwave is a weapon found in Perfect Dark Zero.



The Shockwave has the capability of eliminating enemies in one shot, especially with headshots. Being extremely accurate, the Shockwave is extremely likely to not miss a target.

The Shockwave also has the added advantage of shooting through a wall. In addition, its X-ray secondary function allows players to see all humans in X-ray vision, even ones from very far away.


Firing the Shockwave three times in a row disables it from use as it needs to cool down after overheating. The Shockwave cannot be used while it is cooling down, and recovering from a full heat meter leaves the player completely vulnerable to gunfire. For this reason, it is best to fire the Shockwave either once or twice in a row and then take cover to cool down the gun.

While capable of shooting through walls, its ability to do so becomes more limited when more walls are present.

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