Always goes for maximum shield protection. If this simulant loses any shield energy, it will go and search for a new shield. Not much use if there are no shields on the level!
The ShieldSim is a special type of Simulant in the Combat Simulator.


The ShieldSim will behave according to its difficulty level, with one caveat - if its shield is damaged, it will, whenever feasible, immediately retreat to find another shield.


  • ShieldSims are a waste of time. If there are shields in your game mode, just shooting out its shield will fend it away. Killing it instead will make it respawn with a full shield, repelling it for a smaller time.
  • Camping near a shield spawn will not only draw them to you, but you will have a full shield, and they have no where to retreat to, giving you hordes of points.

Perfect Dark - Simulants
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