Rocket Launcher

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PDZ Rocket Launcher in-game

Manufacturer dataDyne
Type Rocket Launcher
Primary Mode Rocket Launch
Secondary Mode Targeted Rocket (PD)
Fly-by-Wire (PDZ)
Damage (per Hit) Explosive
Accuracy High
Ideal Range High
Rate of Fire Low
High (UA-NR Cheat)
Ammo Type Rockets
Magazine Capacity 1 Rocket
Maximum Ammo 3 Rockets (PD)
4 Rockets (PDZ)
Appears in Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
A cumbersome weapon; fires either a standard rocket or a slower, homing rocket when locked on to the unfortunate target.
The Rocket Launcher is an explosive weapon created by DataDyne. Only a prototype of it was created. The primary mode fires a standard rocket which creates a large explosion.


When using the secondary function, the rocket will follow the opponent slowly. Occasionally the rocket will circle around the individual for a while until the rocket hits the floor and explodes. The weapon shares the same targeting system as the CMP-150.

During most of its appearances, it involves assisting Jo to take down aerial foes, such as the Hovercopter, which would take several bullets.

The weapon also makes an appearance in Perfect Dark Zero as a Heavy-classed weapon. It takes on a more authentic look, being welded over the shoulder than by the waist. Due to the nature, the player is slowed while holding it. Unlike its incarnation, this version's missiles travel at a set velocity and cannot be adjusted by one's speed. They hit hard, dealing incredible damage to targets, regardless of armor.

Its secondary option offers the user to control the rocket mid-flight, like the Slayer, including the ability to self detonate but it has a constant speed, unlike its Skedar counterpart. This allows skilled users to shoot down enemy Jet Packs and cause heavy damage to vehicles.


Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero


  • Simulants in the Combat Simulator can switch between modes of the launcher instantly.
  • Simulants don't use the Rocket Launcher as a hit-scan weapon, meaning that a Meat-Sim will fire a rocket at you with the same accuracy as a Perfect-Sim.
  • The left side handle is the same as the ECM Mine's handle.
  • The rocket's speed can be adjusted. The velocity can be sped up by running forward and then firing and vice-versa when backpedaling.
  • The weapon's actual rate of fire is quite fast. The only limit holding is its one-shot reload. This is seen when the Unlimited Ammo - No Reloads (UA-NR) Cheat is enabled.

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