Perfect Dark Weapons (31)
Manufacturer Skedar
Type Machine Gun
Melee Weapon
Primary Mode Reapage
Secondary Mode Grinder
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy Low
Ideal Range Short - Medium
Rate of Fire 1800 RPM
Ammo Type Reaper Rounds
Magazine Capacity 200 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
A truly terrifying weapon in the hands of someone strong enough to control the massive recoil; for anyone else, a highly unwieldy but effective corridor clearance weapon. Maximum fire rate: 1800 RPM.
The Reaper is a large automatic weapon found in Perfect Dark, used primarily by the Skedar.


In the gun's standard firing mode, the Reaper acts in a simmilar manner to a conventional gatling gun, firing rounds automatically at a gradually increasing rate. Firing at 1800 rounds per minute while at full speed, the Reaper has the highest rate of fire out of any gun in Perfect Dark (even more than the Callisto NTG or RC-P120 ). 

That being said, the Reaper's greatest flaw is it's horrid accuracy (lower than that of the AR34  or Cyclone in it's secondary mode), as the incredibly wide bullet spread means that you are more likely to hit everything else besides your target in a typical combat scenario. Crouching while firing helps increase the gun's accuracy, but considering that the bullets fired have the same damage profile as the CMP-150 , the Reaper is outclassed by every other automatic weapon in the game (except the KL01313 ). Dispite this, the gun's ludicrous fire rate is more than capable of laying down a field of suppressive fire, and is highly effective against groups of unshielded targets.

The Reaper's secondary mode, Grinder, causes the gun's barrels to spin up as if they were firing normaly, with the attached barrel blades dealing significant damage to targets within melee range. The mode is effective aginst human targets, as the damage output is considerably higher than that of standard unarmed attacks, but the mode deals little damage against the Skedar themselves, as they are extremley resilient to melee attacks. The mode is equally uneffective against shielded foes, and considering the range you need to be within to make effective use of the secondary mode, it would be more effective to actually be firing the gun from that distance instead.

Dispite the way the gun is seemingly used, it's important to note that unlike conventional chain or miniguns, the Reaper CANNOT be prepped for firing in it's secondary mode, then quickly switched to the primary mode to begin firing at full speed.


Perfect Dark


  • One can aim the weapon to the far right to see the face of a Skedar Warrior on the screen.
  • FistSims will only use the secondary function; however, Easy+ sims will use it if you are too close.

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