Perfect Dark Weapons (31)
Manufacturer Skedar
Type Machine Gun
Melee Weapon
Primary Mode Reapage
Secondary Mode Grinder
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy Low
Ideal Range Short - Medium
Rate of Fire 1800 RPM
Ammo Type Reaper Rounds
Magazine Capacity 200 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
A truly terrifying weapon in the hands of someone strong enough to control the massive recoil; for anyone else, a highly unwieldy but effective corridor clearance weapon. Maximum fire rate: 1800 RPM.
The Reaper is a large automatic weapon with a very large magazine. Thanks to its Gatling-style method, its fire rate is phenomenal—even more so than the RC-P120.


Designed primarily for the Skedar, who can naturally control the vicious recoil, the weapon is terribly inaccurate. Only one can hope to 'spray-and-pray' to actually hit a target, but, more terrifyingly, it can be dangerous to be on the receiving end, both in range and up close.

The reaper's accuracy can be improved slightly by crouching, but should enemies come very close, you can enable the secondary function, aptly called the 'Grinder' function, and carve up close-quarter opponents into chunks of flesh.


Perfect Dark


  • One can aim the weapon to the far right to see the face of a Skedar Warrior on the screen.
  • FistSims will only use the secondary function; however, Easy+ sims will use it if you are too close.

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