Ravine Map

rough sketch of ravine

Ravine is an arena, available in Combat Simulator. As the name suggests, it is mostly center around a massive tall chasm with ledges and bridges propped on the sides.

There aren't many rooms in this map as most are large and interconnected. A platform, at one end of the chasm, is lowest to the pit and is connected, via a corridor and a smaller vennel to the platform to the other side of the ravine. For those who are more daring, a long large pipe spans down the ravine and a vertical one allows players and simulants to get up to, and down from the large platform. There is a larger one connected by a long bridge (where simulants can get stuck) and a stair well takes players to the upper platform, just around the corner of the ravine.

Above and right of the platform, facing it, is a large room and ledge that overlooks the narrow vennel, and is taken down to a large area that drops to the room, on the left, and into the vennel, on the right, as it leads back into the chasm. Two rooms, accessed from the said path, are connected by a ledge and a tunnel allows players to go back to the large bridged platform.


  • This place is huge and I mean really big. The massive open air aspect of the arena is a place ideal for people handy with a sniper rifle. Shotgunners might not fare easily as the corridors are fairly big and long and so are restricted to the home bases in objective modes.
  • Pyromaniacs and those wanting to make noise can find themselves home here. There is plently of breathing room to safely unleash missiles, grenades and other nasty explosives to your foes. Homing Rockets can be assured of the large room offered by the areas. Guided Slayer Rocket can also turn freely in this area. If you're going to have boomsticks in this map, blended well with RocketSims, then they won't need to worry abut their own safety in exploding stuff.

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