Perfect Dark Weapons (24)
Manufacturer Carrington Institute
Chesluk Industries
Model Experimental
Type Personal Defense Weapon
Primary Mode Rapid Fire
Secondary Mode Cloak
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Long
Rate of Fire 1100 RPM
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds
Magazine Capacity 120 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
The Carrington Institute's secret weapon. It fires at a phenomenal rate and has a huge magazine capacity. The secondary mode is a cloaking device that runs off the ammunition in the magazine. A devastating weapon. Average fire rate: 1100 RPM.
The RC-P120 is an experimental sub-machine gun developed by the Carrington Institute in late 2023. The RC-P120 is a formidable weapon in skilled hands, and with it's massive magazine, good accuracy, and staggering rate of fire, the RC-P120 is the strongest automatic weapon in Perfect Dark.


Packing 120 rounds with an outstanding 1100 rounds a minute, this SMG outperforms most of its native competitors, even against its rivalling prototype, the K7 Avenger

The gun also packs a handy secondary function; a built-in Cloaking Device. Holding down the R Button, then pressing the Z Button, will activate it and will last as long as the ammunition supply can hold out. It can be interrupted at any time by firing but will resume after attacks have ceased.

The weapon does a lot of damage, especially against shields, due to its blistering fire rate. Frequent reloading is expected as the gun can consume its entire magazine within seconds during sustained fire.


Perfect Dark


  • In-game, the manufacturer is listed as Chesluk Industries, despite the fact that Foster had been working on it and the description mentions it being made by Carrington Institute.
    • However, even if the weapon was manufactured by Chesluk, it is possible that Foster was "fixing" it up for the agents, such as the cloaking device in the weapon. Chesluk Industries (CI) may also be considered a working front for the Carrington Institute (CI) or may have lended the original design for the Institute to modify for its operations.
  • The RC-P120 is loosely based on the FN P90 (the name is a reference to the RC-P90 in Goldeneye and the later RCP-90 featured in Perfect Dark Zero, which are more direct copies of the P90; it is present as a classic weapon in Perfect Dark as the RC-P45). Unlike the P90, the magazine for the RCP120 does not feed from the top; there is a magazine well in the receiver, behind the fire controls, like a conventional bullpup weapon.
  • The RC-P120 shares the same firing sound as the ZZT (9mm).

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