Biographical Information
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Weapons Unarmed
Hair Black
Chronological and Political Information

Pugilist is a simulant buddy that can appear in Perfect Dark's Co-op mode. He is a dark-haired man of short stature in a three-piece suit with a vest and tie, like Daniel Carrington's suit. He can be unlocked by completing dataDyne Research: Investigation in under 6:30 on Perfect Agent.


Pugilist does not carry a weapon; true to his name, he uses only his hands (and feet) as weapons. While he can be very effective at stealthily knocking out enemies, he is left particularly vulnerable if exposed, due to most other NPCs (guards especially) carrying a gun of some sort. Setting him on aggressive will not be the best idea as he will rush into a deadly combat at a disadvantage. Ironically, he is weak against unarmed attacks from his enemies. One hit will immediately knock him out, making Pugilist extremely difficult to keep alive. The only advantage he has is that he moves much quicker than most allies and enemies, as well as his physical attacks hitting much faster.

Voice Clips

Pugilist's voice clips are shared with the generic male enemies that are encountered in the missions. He uses the cocky set of voice clips that can be heard on certain enemies. Unlike the ones encountered, Pugilist doesn't have any lines said when he is killed to prevent any shame upon the player's ally's death.


Spotting / Attacking an Enemy

  • "Get her!"
  • "You made your last mistake!"
  • "There's someone here!"
  • "Yeah, baby!"
  • "I'm just too good!"
  • "What are ya waiting for?!"
  • "Come here!"

Missing the Enemy Target

  • "Damn she's good..."
  • "Damn it..."
  • "Bloody stupid gun!"
  • "My gun, it's useless!"

Attacked by Enemy

  • "God, I'm hit!"
  • "I'm in trouble."


  • Pugilist will define his enemies as female regardless of gender or race when he spots them. This is due to his voice clips being shared with generic male enemies and that they are meant to be used towards Joanna Dark.
  • Due to his voice clips being generic, Pugilist will note how useless is gun is when he misses a hit against his enemies despite not carrying any weapons.

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