Proximity Mine
Proximity Mine
Manufacturer Unknown
Type Mine
Primary Mode Proximity Explosive
Secondary Mode Threat Detector
Damage (per Hit) Explosive
Accuracy Varies
Ideal Range Varies
Rate of Fire Low
Maximum Ammo 10
Appears in Perfect Dark
A mine with a proximity fuse. It has a threat detection/evaluation sensor that can be activated as a secondary mode.
The Proximity Mine is an explosive weapon featured in Perfect Dark. It can be attached to just about anything in the game, and will explode when anyone (including the thrower) ventures near, or an object is thrown near it. If stuck to an enemy, its functionality becomes more akin to the Timed Mine, albeit with a shorter fuse. The mines also explode when shot, like other explosive weapons, which can be useful to get them out of the way.

The secondary mode is a Threat Detector, much like the K7 Avenger. Mines cannot be thrown in this mode.

The mines share their model with the Remote and Timed Mines, though they are all colored differently.


Perfect Dark

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