This simulant prefers to prey on the weak in order to get easier kills. It will look for players who have just respawned, have an inferior weapon, or are low on health.
The PreySim is a special type of Simulant in the Combat Simulator.


PreySims are scripted to target the weakest player on the map. The factors that influence its picking are:

  • Weapon
  • Simulant level (if applicable, prioritizes humans as NormalSims)
  • Health

Preysims will kill one weak target before moving onto the next one, increasing difficulty on targeting stronger opponents but it will attack any others in its way.


  • PreySim are like a typical school bully, they prey on the weak. Stay top and fight hard and keep a good score as well as retaining as much strength. More skilled players are less likely to be attacked than less skilled ones.

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