Long Laser

An opponent attacks the player in Pipes.

Pipes is a map in Combat Simulator. It is designed to bear resemblance to the underground labs under the Lucerne Tower.

At the lowest floor are a small interlocking series of corridors that lead to an enormous area where traversing can only be done by moving over the pipes. Take great care walking over them as they are the only ones preventing you from falling into the pit. A capture the case base is located here where the main case is found on the small platform in the corner nearest to the crossing dual-pipes that are below the spiral staircase.

Above this floor is a small maze of small corridors, rooms and a large room divided into 4 smaller rooms via barriers. There is an open roofed area when you go through the corridor after you ascend the ladder. In the middle is a rectangular plateau where mesh walkways connect to the borders of the area. A lift in a corner takes players up to the plateau and a small ledge behind them. This is also a capture the case bag. The spiral staircase is directly on the opposite wall of the elevator where a long narrow walkway is stretched from one side to another and is connected mid-way by a spiral stair case which takes you into another open-roofed hallway with a hole in the middle to drop to the lowest floor. At the end of the walkway is a long narrow corridor where a small secondary corridor runs in the midst section of the main one, that second one is a capture the case base.


  • This map is a shotgun's and sniper's heaven. The tight corridors make it a cake walk to get in close and the large open areas allow snipers to take potshots at foes below or on the plateau. Keep moving in these areas and take care within the corridors.
  • The pipes, at the lowest area, are narrow and thin and so you're vulnerable when traversing here. Down the longest pipes, mid-way is a narrower plank spanning across the area, yet snipers can easily pop you off.
  • In the pipe area, players can get advantageous positions by shooting at the foes from below on the sky-walk and the holed hallway. Take this as an advantage or a disadvantage.


  • The arena's name is called this due to the main pipes at the lowest level

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