Perfect Dark Weapons (12)

Perfect Dark Weapons (14)

Manufacturer Maian
Type Semi-Automatic Pistol
Primary Mode Single Shot
Secondary Mode Explosive Shells
Damage (per Hit) Light - Heavy
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Medium
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds
Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
The Maian standard issue sidearm. A flexible gun, the pistol fires standard shots, or explosive shots at no cost of the rest of the magazine.
The Phoenix is a Maian pistol.


The primary function is a pretty standard pistol shot, similar to the Falcon 2. The secondary function, however, fires small explosive rounds that, unsurprisingly, do more damage. Like the Callisto NTG, this is offset by a lower fire rate, and decreased accuracy. Another thing about the Phoenix is that it uses Earth-manufactured Pistol Rounds when it should only use Maian Energy Orbs. This is due to the program limitations of the game where most weapons use a universal type of ammunition at the cost of inaccuracy in details. For some reason, it is largely ineffective against Skedar warriors in either mode.


Perfect Dark
  • Area 51: Rescue (PA) -  Found on the second floor of the storage area, past the double door on the far wall to the right of the cargo lift exit behind the single guard. Can be accessed only by ensuring that the person working on a Robot Interceptor in the previous mission does not die, but is knocked unconscious instead. Upon walking up to the door and waiting (optionally equipping the X-Ray Scanner to see through it), the same person will open the door, and immediately run away scared. Head up the catwalk, through an elevator and past a series of corridors down the only path available, to the far side of a room with rock walls to find the Phoenix hidden away on a small table.
  • Pelagic II: Exploration - Elvis carries two of them.
  • Deep Sea: Nullify Threat - Elvis carries and uses 2 Phoenix right after he gives the FarSight XR-20 to you.
  • Attack Ship: Covert Assault - Elvis, once again, carries two of them throughout the whole level.
  • Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine - It's used by Elvis once he goes to search for Joanna and it's given to Joanna to kill the Skedar to free herself.


  • The Phoenix Secondary Function and reload is similar to the Ray Gun in Call of Duty: Zombies series, First released in 2008 by developer Treyarch.

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