Pdc joanna

Concept art of Joanna Dark for Perfect Dark Core.

Perfect Dark Core was a first-person shooter game developed by Rare, intended to be a sequel to the original Perfect Dark. The game's development began after Perfect Dark Zero was released in 2005, but was canceled after the development team was assigned to other projects. Animation demos were created and were later leaked.


The game was meant to have a more realistic atmosphere, compared to Perfect Dark and Zero. Joanna Dark would have appeared, but would have a different, less feminine personality, including behavior such as smoking and flirting. During development, the main character was changed to an unknown male character, who would fight alongside Joanna. Near the end of the project's life, the game's concept no longer had anything to do with Perfect Dark. The game was changed to a mech first-person shooter, but was canceled.

Development was originally handled by the team who developed Zero, led by Chris Tilston, but it was later handed over to the Conker development team, led by Chris Seavor.