The Pelagic I was a research vessel owned by DataDyne in 2022. It was used to transport the debris of a crashed Skedar ship back to headquarters from its original crash site in South America. DataDyne was successful in bringing the ruined craft aboard the vessel, and managed to take Carrington Institute agent Joanna Dark prisoner.

However, the intervention of a mysterious Maian allowed Joanna to escape captivity as she infiltrated the ship and, following the Maian's instructions, activated the Skedar ship's self-destruct mechanism so that the ship would be destroyed along with its cargo. After rigging the UFO to explode, Joanna made it to the upper deck of the ship as she fought her way past Octopus Prime and the remaining DataDyne troops guarding the ship on her way to the ship's helicopter. Joanna managed to escape just as the Pelagic I exploded and sank to the bottom of the ocean, taking its extraterrestrial cargo with it.


  • It is likely that this ship is the precursor of the similarly named Pelagic II.

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