These simulants are scientists who protest the use of weapons. They will go around the level hunting for guns that are lying around and hoard them so that players cannot use them. Of course, if you were to shoot them, they might just drop a few!
The PeaceSim is a special type of Simulant in the Combat Simulator.


This simulant is scripted to disarm weapons from armed players, and to take all the weapons from the field. It will not use them, and cannot kill; it will only act to try and prevent violence (hence their name). They will, however, use cloaking devices. Contrary to popular belief, they will NOT try to pick up armed explosives (e.g, proximity mines or armed Dragons). They will also try to take the Data Uplink away from you, making the game mode Hacker Central nearly impossible against them. 

Pros and Cons


  • PeaceSims are great for getting extremely new players to learn the combat simulator basics, since they are harmless to beginners.
  • PeaceSims on your team can render a enemy team unarmed, allowing for you to bombard the unarmed enemy.


  • PeaceSims on your team will not get any kills, rendering them useless in Combat.
  • PeaceSims that have collected all the weapons on the field will be like a pinata. Kill one and they explode in a confetti of guns for you to collect.

Perfect Dark - Simulants
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