Octopus Prime (Born c. 1993) is a masked cyborg, and one of the antagonists of Perfect Dark for Game Boy Color.

Octopus Prime is a flawed genius who has been known to the CI for some time. Originally trained in robotics and cybernetics, he was left paralyzed from the chest down by an accident at the Institute. He now pursues a life of crime and terrorism, selling his skills to the highest bidder.

He is encountered during Joanna Dark's escape from the Pelagic I research vessel, as it is about to sink to the bottom of the ocean on account of Joanna's efforts at sabotage. Joanna must use a machine gun to destroy the tentacles and onboard weapons attached to his hovership, before targeting Octopus Prime himself. However, the tentacles and guns will regenerate over-time, forcing Joanna to repeat the process until the cyborg is finally neutralized, allowing Joanna to proceed to the helicopter and escape from the Pelagic I.


  • Strangely, Octopus Prime's battle is placed between "Pelagic I Escape" and "DataDyne Attack" on the "Extras" menu, even though it actually occurs before the former in the game itself.
  • Octopus Prime's name may be based on Optimus Prime, a recurring protagonist from the Transformers franchise.

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