Manufacturer Unknown
Type Neutron Bomb
Primary Mode Impact Detonation
Secondary Mode Proximity Detonation
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy Varies
Ideal Range Varies
Rate of Fire Very Low
Maximum Ammo 10 Bombs
Appears in Perfect Dark
A hand-held, small area effect neutron bomb. It can either detonate on impact or be set to proximity detonation.
The N-Bomb, renamed the N-Grenade in the Xbox Live Arcade version, is a variant of the Grenade. Once thrown, a large black cloud emerges with a recoiling noise. Anyone caught in the blast radius will take damage (albeit very slowly), drop all of their weapons and become extremely dizzy.

The secondary function has the N-Bomb detonating when someone gets too close like the Proximity Mine but causing the effects above. In single-player, the N-Bomb causes non-lethal damage.


The N-Bomb appears in the Pelagic II level, (in Joanna Dark's inventory), In G5 Building: Reconnaissance, (near one of the blocked up doors), and in Mr. Blonde's Revenge, (as dataDyne Shock Troopers will throw these occasionally.)


  • In the Perfect Dark remake on Xbox Live, the N-Bomb is renamed the N-Grenade. Some say it was due to racism[citation needed], it's appearance and usage is exactly the same though. However, the N stands for "Neutron".
  • One way to obtain the N-Bomb in G5 Building: Reconnaissance, is to purposely fail. Once entering an area with 2 guards, one will run to an alarm system. You can either allow him to trigger the alarm or do it yourself, either way it is successful. After the alarm goes off, a door to the left of the alarm (That was previously locked) will open, and guards will spill in. These guards will also carry DY357 Magnums. Continue up the stairs until you come to a red lit room, in which you will find a box which is the N-Bomb. This is very dangerous, and many guards attack. If you kill as many guards as you can, your final kill amount will be 71.


The N-Bomb was likely intended to appear in the firing range, since there is a description written for it in the final version of the game. This description makes it clear that the grenade was originally supposed to be of Maian origin.

This Maian grenade plays havoc with the neurons in sentient creatures. If you wander into the blast radius, your vision will blur and you will lose your grip on whatever you're holding. The grenade can be set to go off on impact or by proximity trigger. Make sure you throw it far enough away.

In addition to the description, a text string also exists for a MaianGrenade. This does not seem to be related, as the N-Bomb text string exists in the same file. The MaianGrenade string is located with the strings for the Devastator, rocket launcher, and Slayer, meaning it was likely intended for a Maian grenade launcher.

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