PDZ MultiMine in-game
Type Explosive
Primary Mode Proximity Mines
Secondary Mode Remote Mines
Tertiary Mode Remote Detonate (Left Trigger)
Damage (per Hit) High
Accuracy High
Ideal Range 6.6 ft (2 m) (Blast Radius)
Rate of Fire N/A
Ammo Type Mines
Maximum Ammo 5

The MultiMine is a weapon found in Perfect Dark Zero.


The MultiMine is a landmine that sticks to walls, surfaces, ladders, trees, and ceilings. It can detonate in multiple ways. The first is by proximity detonation, done by throwing the mines with the Right Trigger button (RT). Anyone who steps on these mines, enemy or not, risks triggering the proximity mines. However, these can be reprogrammed with the RCP-90.

MultiMines also have a remote functionality; this is by throwing the mines with the Right Bumper button (RB). These mines won't be triggered when stepped on, but instead, they are detonated remotely by pressing the Left Trigger. MultiMines can also be destroyed by shooting them with a weapon or triggering them with another explosion that engulfs the MultiMines in its immediate vicinity.


The MultiMine deals great damage to anyone who happens to be within the blast radius of the mines. These mines rip through armor first before directly damaging health, unless the targets happen to be directly within the blast when it triggers. MultiMines can be used to guard chokepoints or hotspots as remote mines. Using a MultiMine against a Jetpac or Hovercraft guarantees certain destruction to the vehicle (in the latter's case, two or more MultiMines should do the trick), allowing the player to stop enemies from grabbing vehicles that they can use against them or their allies. While the player can only use five MultiMines before running out, the player can install an infinite amount of them after refilling, allowing for a booby trap that can slaughter unsuspecting enemies and stall them from reaching a certain point on the map.

MultiMines that explode can also cause a chain reaction, triggering nearby booby-trapped UGL Liberators or other MultiMines. This can be useful for taking out hordes of enemies at once.


Only five MultiMines can be used before running out, but that doesn't mean that the player cannot install more than five MultiMines at once. When throwing a proximity mine, it does not differentiate between friend and foe, so before moving past it, if you have the RCP-90, reprogram the mine. If not, use a weapon to blow it up safely from a distance while there are also no allies in the area.


The MultiMine is seen only once in the story of Perfect Dark Zero.

Mission Appearances

Perfect Dark Zero

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