Mink Hunter is one of the antagonists of the GBC game Perfect Dark.

Mink Hunter has been at the top of the FBI, DEA and Interpol Most Wanted lists for the best part of a decade. He is highly trained in many martial arts but prefers the armed variety.

He is the target of Joanna Dark's first mission after completing her training and attaining "Perfect" status. Hunter is in charge of a South American factory that illegally produces cyborgs, and is protected by a small army of soldiers in greenish-gray camouflaged uniforms, armed with Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, and Y-666 sub-machine guns.

After Joanna infiltrates Hunter's base of operations and rigs the area to explode with plastic explosives provided by double agent Max Danger, she encounters Mink Hunter and urges him to surrender, since she's already planted explosive devices throughout his factory. However, Mink is angered by Joanna Dark's interference in his operations, and has a duel to the death against her, in which both combatants throw Shurikens (throwing stars) at one another from separate catwalks overlooking a vat of molten lead. Joanna manages to defeat Mink, and escape his base as it detonates.

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