This is the easiest of all the simulants to defeat and is, therefore, the best choice for the beginner. It is not very intelligent, and its shooting skills are very poor.
MeatSims are the first difficulty setting of Simulants in the Combat Simulator. They are the easiest Sim to defeat, and are designed to be the equivalent of a person playing a first-person shooter for the first time.


The MeatSim is the least intelligent simulant that the player will come across. They cannot aim very well; they often shoot way to the left and right of the target, only scoring hits unintentionally because they sweep their fire every two seconds or so. At range, this can result in them giving away their position with volleys of gunfire into the surrounding infrastructure rather than the intended target. Their choice in weapons isn't always the best for the given situation, and they run very slowly. They usually ignore mission objectives because they cannot use the radar at all, and as such will only try to complete an objective if they are in sight of it.

They do have some cheating properties that are associated for all simulants. If they pick up a Rocket Launcher or Slayer, they will fire a rocket directly at you instead of purposefully aiming to miss. They can fire semi-auto weapons faster then a human player, switch instantly between primary/secondary fire modes (especially noticeable when they have Combat Knives), and can reload in less than a second. 

When given orders by a player, they will follow the order, sometimes even to their own detriment, as they do not think about refilling their ammo supply and do not retreat upon running out of ammo. They cannot disarm opponents.

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