Max Danger is a Carrington Institute operative active in 2022, working undercover as a "lackey" for both Mink Hunter and DataDyne. He is a supporting protagonist in the Game Boy Color version of Perfect Dark, providing Joanna Dark with items and additional objectives throughout the later stages of the game.


  • In many ways, Max is similar to Jonathan Steinberg AKA Jonathan Dark from the other two Perfect Dark titles, as both are undercover CI agents that provide Joanna Dark with objectives and items/intel needed to accomplish them. Indeed, the same voice actor for Jonathan in the Nintendo 64 game also provides the voice of Max Danger in the Game Boy Color game. However, there are also differences between the two, such as Jonathan having blond hair while Max is a redhead, and Joanna works on much friendlier terms with Max than she does with Jonathan, particularly in comparison to their teamwork in the N64 game. Also, Max never participates in combat like Jonathan.
  • Max can be killed during the occasions where he appears in-person, although doing so will cause the player to automatically fail the mission. Oddly, he won't collapse to the ground if he dies, instead continuing to stand in place until the screen fades to black.

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