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Manufacturer Skedar
Type Heavy Pistol
Primary Mode Single Shot
Secondary Mode Charge-Up Shot
Damage (per Hit) Light - Heavy
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Medium
Rate of Fire Low - Medium
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds
Magazine Capacity 20 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
If you see a Skedar coming at you, the chances are it's carrying one of these. A large magazine and a bladed barrel make the pistol a formidable handgun, but the killer blow comes from the secondary function - charge the shot up for extra power at the cost of a few rounds of ammo.
The Mauler is a powerful Skedar pistol with a large magazine.


The Mauler in it's standard mode fires powerful shots with a decent amount of accuracy. The individual rounds fired by the gun have the same damage output and stopping power as the MagSec 4, although it's accuracy is much higher at longer ranges, even when dual-wielded.

Much like the Falcon 2, the Mauler will fire continuously as long as the fire button is held down, but the gun can also be fired semi-automatically as well. Firing the Mauler semi-automatically is slower than if you were to fire the Falcon 2 or MagSec 4 the same way, but the speed at which shots are fired during automatic fire is faster.

The secondary function causes the Mauler to consume up to five individual shots and use a sixth to fire a lethal charged shot. The gun will glow bright red as an indicator of it's charge level, and retains the charge so long as the weapon isn't switched out or the firing mode is changed. If the firing mode is changed during a charge, the Mauler will hold onto it's current charge, but the stored charge will slowly dissipate and weaken over time.

This single shot deals significantly more damage than normal, about as much as if the gun's entire magazine was fired at once, but using this mode too often can cause you to run out of ammo quickly. It's usually overkill to use charged shots against weak or unshielded enemies such as human NPCs, as the Mauler's standard mode is more than enough to kill most enemies reasonably quickly. That being said, charged shots are actually very handy against the Skedar themselves, and due to their bulk and resilience, in some instances are a nessecity in a combat scenario against them. Almost all Skedar carry Maulers (sometmes dual wielding them), but will exclusively use the gun only in it's standard firing mode.

Like the Phoenix, even though the Mauler is an alien weapon, it uses earth-manufactured pistol ammunition, even though it clearly shouldn't, due to all pistols in the game sharing a universal ammo type.


Perfect Dark


  • Due to its large magazine size compared to other pistols, dual-wielding this weapon and obtaining maximum ammunition with it can cause other weapons such as the Phoenix to have above-maximum reserve ammunition, causing the reserve ammunition bar to glitch and appear "empty".

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