Maian SOS is the second of four Special Assignment missions in Perfect Dark. It is unlocked by completing every mission on Secret Agent difficulty. In this mission, you play as Elvis, who must escape Area 51 alone.

Being a midstory mission, taking place some time before Area 51: Infiltration, it shows firsthand how Elvis sent a distress signal to the Carrington Institute.

You start in the autopsy room, with your health down to about a third. First you should disarm the guards and then shoot the gurney that Elvis was laying on to blow it up and break the glass. The Psychosis gun comes in handy in this mission, especially when used on a certain guard with dual DY357-LXs . Elvis's large head and the small amount of health he starts with presents a disadvantage to the player.

Leaderboard Crown

Magnum Forced - To earn this crown, you must use the Psychosis Gun on the guard who is dual-wielding Golden Magnums, then watch him kill five enemies, on Perfect Agent difficulty. This Crown isn't too hard to achive, but can take a little practice if you don't know the level's layout. As you leave the autopsy room, proceed along the same path as you took in Area 51: Escape, killing any guards you see along the way. The guard with the two magnums is located in the cryo containment room on the left as you approach. Keep in mind that the guard has guns that can kill you in one hit, so be careful. Shoot him with the Psychosis Gun, then simply follow him as he runs around killing all the guards in the hallways. If you need ammo for the Psychosis Gun, you can find some by killing the scientists in the autopsy room that contains the comatose Maian Ambassador.

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