Bio maihem
Mai Hem
Biographical Information
Date of birth October 27th, 1997
Date of death March 2020
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Weapons * SuperDragon
Hair Blond
Eyes Black
Chronological and Political Information
Notable Facts Professional DeathMatch VR player
Affiliation * dataDyne

Mai Hem (born Zhang Mai) is a popular professional DeathMatch VR player and one of the main antagonists of Perfect Dark Zero. She is the daughter of Zhang Li.


Mai Hem is quite tall; she wears a revealing battlesuit that barely covers her bosom. After her face was burned by a dataDyne Dropship Joanna Dark was piloting, half of her face is hidden behind a faceplate. She wears high, black boots and long arm warmers.


She is very sinister and hates to lose. Her attitude is that of a spoiled princess because of the way her father treats her. She will do anything to fulfill her father's desires. Her personality is mainly through mediums such as fear and being dominant, which has made her co-workers fear her wrath. This is seen in Mission 10 ,where she viciously orders The Phantoms, to wipe out the owner of the CamSpy. Her spoiled attitude is later shown In the next mission during the boss fight, when she takes enough damage, she would say, "In the real world I ALWAYS win!" (indicating her power over both the virtual and real world).


Her name is a pun of the English word "Mayhem" meaning commosionus behavior.

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