Leaderboard Crowns were a feature added to Perfect Dark when it was released on the Xbox Live Arcade. Similar to Xbox Live's achievements, Crowns are unlocked by performing certain feats in-game, mostly during Solo Missions. Some crowns can be earned in Co-operative mode, but not all can.  When a crown is unlocked, the player is notified. After earning a crown, it will appear on the online leaderboards next to the player's clear time for its respective mission. There is a crown for every mission, and there are others that unlock Xbox Live avatar awards, gamer pictures, and dashboard themes.

Leaderboard Crowns can be found by pausing the game at any time, going to "Help & Options" and then to "Awards". Only the names and icons for the crowns are shown; No information is given on how to unlock the crowns. Unlocking the first 26 leaderboard crowns earns the player the Crowning Glory achievement. The awards Gamer Picture 1, Gamer Picture 2, Avatar Award 1, Avatar Award 2, and Perfect Dark Theme are not required to earn the Crowning Glory achievement.


Crown Name Mission Difficulty Unlock Criteria Notes
No Help Needed DataDyne Central: Defection Perfect Agent Kill 15 enemies with auto-aim disabled. Auto-aim can be disabled by going into Help & Options, into Settings, and into Control.
Close Proximity DataDyne Research: Investigation Agent Blow up three enemies at the same time with the hidden Proximity Mine. The Proximity Mine is found in the back of the room with the radioactive isotope inside. Once retrived, proceed down the long hallway leading to the laser grid without killing anyone, then wait untill the guards group up to throw the mine.
Good Enough for Clint DataDyne Central: Extraction Agent Kill eight enemies with headshots using the hidden DY357 Magnum. The Magnum is found by killing the first five guards that you encounter without being seen. The guards cannot see you far away in the dark, but can if you are close to them. The fifth guard will drop the Magnum.
Way of the Assassin Carrington Villa: Hostage One Perfect Agent Use the sniper rifle found in the villa's bathroom to kill five enemies with headshots without zooming in.

Turning off auto-aim can help with this achievement. The bathroom is located on the second floor of the villa, just before you reach the stairs leading to the first floor.

Quickly Does It Chicago: Stealth Agent Complete the objectives in quick succession (Complete the mission within 35 seconds). This crown cannot be earned in Solo Missions. In Co-operative, Player 1 can wait by the drop point equipment while Player 2 retrives the BombSpy located past the red illuminated walkway leading to the back of the G5 building. It is in a dumpster next to a stack of 3 gas cans, which can be destroyed by pushing it next to the gas tanks and blowing up the stack. Player 2 then uses the BombSpy to kill the guards that wait outside the entrance to the G5 building. Immediately after, have Player 1 grab the equipment and have Player 2 enter the building.
Bow to the Audience G5 Building: Reconnaissance Agent Kill eight enemies using the hidden Crossbow's "Instant Kill" alt-fire. The Crossbow is found by knocking out the two cloaked guards at the beginning of the mission with your fists or Falcon 2 Silenced's Alt. Fire. The second guard will drop the Crossbow. Note that you can pick up the bolts that you miss with, as well as the ones that hit the guards, which can be retrived as soon as the dead guard de-spawns.
Rapid Radar Shut Down Area 51: Infiltration Special Agent Complete Objective 1 (Shut down air intercept radar) in 60 seconds. A quick way to get this crown is by using the entrance in the fence that leads to the Rocket Launcher. You must be careful when traversing the minefield (a Grenade can help with this). Enter the inner complex through the small tunnel, go down the ladder, set the explosives, and wait for it to explode. You don't need to survive the blast to receive the crown.
Master of Disguise Area 51: Rescue Special Agent Get to the disguise in under 1:30 and use it. (You must watch the mission's intro cutscene untill just before Jonathan says, "In that crate" to achive this crown) Leave the explosive crate at the beginning of the level. Move quickly towards the first elevator and board it. Get a Dragon and proceed through the level until you get to the point where you must blow up the wall. Throw the Dragon in front of the wall with its alt-fire and shoot it, destroying the wall. Quickly go through the hole, turn right, and proceed down the hall untill you reach the shower room at the end. Once there, you will encounter the scientist holding the disguise. kill him, grab the disguise and use it quickly.
Easy Rider Area 51: Escape Agent Use the HoverBike at the end of the mission to escape, within 30 seconds of mounting it. At the end of the mission, Jonathan will open the hangar doors. While he is using the consoles to open the doors, wait untill he's just about to finish, then get on the HoverBike by double-tapping the A button. If you are on the Hoverbike as the cutscene starts, you will get the crown.
I Want To Be Sedated Air Base: Espionage Special Agent Use the DrugSpy to sedate six enemies within 30 seconds. There is one guard in front of the base, two that escort the stewardess, and two on either side of the base's entrance, as well as two more inside the base. Also, the stewardess herself counts as an enemy.
Presidential Prediction Air Force One: Antiterrorism Agent Complete Objective 3 (Detach UFO from Air Force One) first and then beat the level, all before 1:30. This crown cannot be unlocked in Solo Missions. In Co-operative, complete the previous mission, "Air Base: Espionage", in the manner that lets you start the mission in the main hallway (NOT in the cargo bay with the Hoverbike) Once there, have Player 1 go talk to the President. Player 2 should stand in front of the door where the UFO attaches to the ship with the Timed Mine, holding Right Trigger. When the cutscene is about to begin, have Player 1 activate a Combat Boost, skip the cutscene, then have Player 2 release Right Trigger and quickly shoot the mine. Then, complete the level quickly.
Magnum P.D. Crash Site: Confrontation Agent Shoot the president's clone with Trent Easton's golden magnum. Trent Easton is found next to the President (the one past the sentry bots wearing the suit jacket). Disarm him to get his magnum. The president's clone is the one that is in the dark caves, who is not wearing a suit jacket. Using the president scanner found near the Air Force One crash site can help with this crown.
Tick Tick... Boom Pelagic II: Exploration Agent Kill four enemies with one N-Grenade. The Pelagic II has many small hallways with usually three or four enemies in them. Stand at a far distance and throw it at the enemies. It may help to use its alt-fire mode (Proximity Detonation).
Can't Touch This Deep Sea: Nullify Threat Perfect Agent Complete Objective 1 (Reactivate the teleportals) without taking any damage. Take your time on this one. Keep your distance, make use of your Falcon 2 Scoped, and let Elvis kill the guards in the first two rooms with his Farsight.
Run And Gun Carrington Institute: Defense Perfect Agent Without using the RC-P120's Cloak, complete Objectives 1 (Reactivate automatic defenses) and 2 (Release hostages) in under 1:30, then finish the level. This crown cannot be unlocked in Solo Missions. You can use the Boost item, but you cannot use the RC-P120's Cloak at any time during the mission. In Co-Operative, have Player 1 reactivate the turret defenses, while Player 2 rescues the hostages. Objective 1 & 2 must be completed within 1:30. After that, finish the mission at your descretion, but do not use the RC-P120's Cloak.
Against All Odds... Attack Ship: Covert Assault Perfect Agent Kill the Skedar in the middle of the Bridge with explosives (From either the hidden Slayer or the Phoenix's alt-fire.) The Skedar you have to kill is in the center of the Bridge, the last room of the mission, and is using double Maulers.

Option 1 (Easier)

When you arrive at the first elevator that takes you up to the ship's bridge, kill Elvis and take his Phoenix. You will fail the mission but this will not hamper your ability to complete the crown.

Option 2 (More Difficult)

The Slayer is found two rooms directly in front of you as soon as you ride up the first elevator with Elvis. You will know when you are near it when you go through a room with four green tanks containing Skedars.

Rocked Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine Perfect Agent Complete Objective 1 (Identify temple targets) in under 30 seconds. The best set up for this is to re-start the mission until your three pillars are

- The first hallway.

- The lone pillar to the right of the path leading to the canyon.

- The tall pillar just over the wall of the lone 2nd pillar.

Practice your throws over the wall and you can hit it without having to face the Skedar with Reapers.

Invisibility Factor Special Assignment: Mr. Blonde's Revenge Special Agent Complete the mission without using Cloak. Take you time on this. Cassandra's bodyguards will overpower you if you are not carefull enough, especially on the first floor, and the mission will fail if one of them reaches the elevator before you. Also, be vigilant for Shock Troopers; they are armed with N-Grenades that can knock out Cassandra if she's close enough to the blast.
Magnum Forced Special Assignment: Maian SOS Perfect Agent Use the Psychosis Gun on the man with two golden magnums and watch him kill five enemies. the guard with two DY357-LXs is located in one of the cryo containment rooms, most oftenly the one on the left as you aproach. You can find ammo for the Psychosis Gun by killing the scientists in the autopsy room that contains the comatose Maian ambassador.
Three Kings Special Assignment: WAR! Perfect Agent Complete the mission in less than 1:40 and kill each of the three kings with a headshot from a charged Mauler (alt-fire). Each time you kill a Skedar a new one will re-spawn at the King, so try to only kill one or two Skedar on your way to the first King. using a partially charged Mauler (of 1 or 2 rounds) will stun most skedar you run into, and you don't have to fire a fully charged shot to kill each king, but the killing blow must be from a headshot, and at least partially charged up.
Perfect Head Special Assignment: The Duel Perfect Agent Kill all three enemies with headshots in under 25 seconds. You are allowed to miss shots, but the killing blow must be from a headshot.
Ninja Multiplayer/Combat Simulator N/A Unlock each of the awards in the Combat Simulator at least once. The awards in question are the ones that appear at the end of a Combat Simulator match (Such as "Most Honorable" & "Most Deadly"). These and Every award you earn also increases % (Percent) completion of Perfect Dark, which can be tracked by checking the Leaderboards.
The Name's Dark... Perfect Dark All Perfect Agent Beat all Solo Missions (Including Special Assignments) with auto-aim disabled, and without using weapons with auto-aim properties.

You CANNOT use Auto-aim, or any of the following weapons:

-The CMP-150 in it's Alt. Fire mode (Follow lock-on) cannot be used, although you CAN use it's standard function (Rapid Fire)

-The Rocket Launcher in it's Alt. Fire mode (Targeted Rocket) cannot be used, although you CAN use it's standard function (Rocket Launch)

-The Laptop Gun, under any & all circumstances, cannot be used.

Using any of the weapons listed above in a mission will automatically not earn you the crown, even if you beat the mission. You cannot use cheats to complete any of the missions. It is highly advisable that you work towards this crown at the same time as trying to unlock the "Perfect Agent" achivement, otherwise you'll have to complete all missions on Perfect Agent twice.

Bronze All Agent Complete all Solo Missions on Agent difficulty in under 48 minutes. You do not have to complete each mission in a row. Completion of this crown is based on overall completion time for each difficulty level. Each mission's best time can be seen while selecting the mission's difficulty.
Silver All Special Agent Complete all Solo Missions on Special Agent difficulty in under 1 hour and 9 minutes. See "Bronze" Leaderboard Crown.
Gold All Perfect Agent Complete all Solo Missions on Perfect Agent difficulty in under 1 hour and 35 minutes. See "Bronze" Leaderboard Crown.
Gamer Picture 1 Multiplayer/Combat Simulator N/A Play a Combat Simulator game in splitscreen multiplayer. This is not required for the Crowning Glory achievement. This can be earned by simply using a second controller with a guest account, or playing with a friend. The Gamer Picture is a picture of Joanna Dark.
Gamer Picture 2 N/A N/A Complete 201% of the game.

This is not required for the Crowning Glory achievement. To earn 201%, you must:

.Beat all Solo missions and special assignments on every difficultiy.

.Beat all Co-Operative missions and special assignments on Perfect Agent difficulty.

.Beat all Counter-Operative missions and special assignments on perfect agent difficulty.

.Unlock all of the main leaderboard crowns.

.Beat all challenges in the Combat Simulator with any number of players.

.Complete both Combat Training and Device/Equipment Training in the Carrington Institiute.

.Earn a bronze, silver & gold star with all weapons in the firing range.

Also note that you need to go into the leaderboards for the percentage to change which requires an internet connection. You do not have to earn every achivement to recive this award.

. The Gamer Picture is a picture of a Maian.

Avatar Award 1 Any Any Kill an enemy with a headshot. This is not required for the Crowning Glory achievement. The Avatar Award is a Perfect Dark t-shirt.
Avatar Award 2 Any Special Assignment (Mr. Blonde's Revenge, Maian SOS, WAR!, or The Duel) Any Complete any Special Assignment on any difficulty. This is not required for the Crowning Glory achievement. Beating the game on Perfect Agent will unlock all three Special Assignments. The Avatar Award is an Elvis prop.
Perfect Dark Theme Any Any Get a kill with all 32 weapons available in Solo Missions. This is not required for the Crowning Glory achievement. You cannot use Cheats or Cheat weapons to earn this.