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Laptop Gun
Production information

Carrington Institute




Assault Rifle (Perfect Dark Zero), Submachine Gun (Perfect Dark)



Technical specifications

Medium, Shoulder-fired

Fire Mode

Burst Fire

Secondary Function

Deploy As Sentry Gun

Damage Per Hit




Ideal Range


Rate of Fire


Ammunition Type

Pistol Rounds

Magazine Capacity
  • 50 rounds (Perfect Dark)
  • 30 rounds (Perfect Dark Zero)
Maximum Ammunition
  • 800 rounds (Perfect Dark)
  • 200 rounds (Perfect Dark Zero)
  • Carrington Institute

The Laptop Gun is a Carrington Institute submachine gun that is found in Perfect Dark. It is originally designed to help disguised agents by masquerading as a bootable PC.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Perfect Dark Edit

A submachine gun made to look like a laptop PC. In disguised form, the gun cannot fire; but when activated, it unfolds into shape. The PC gun will not bear close inspection; it will boot up, but the memory is a quarter of what it is supposed to be. Average fire rate: 1000 RPM.

Perfect Dark Zero Edit

Compact and deadly, with a fearsome rate of fire. Secondary function transforms it into an autonomous sentry gun, making it ideal for covert agents who need a laptop PC, in the field. Runs Windows 2020


Description Edit

This gun is very handy since it can put out a lot of bullets in a short space of time. However it is a tad longer to deploy as the gun needs to fold into shape before firing.

The more recent models come with a 2x scope for zoom to allow further target acquisition.

The secondary mode, however, really comes into its own. This ability allows defense-orientated agents to lock down chokepoints or protect vital areas and the adhesive backing allows one to stick to non-moving surfaces. The gun runs on the remaining rounds in the magazine but it can put down a lot of hurt on those who remain in its sights.

Perfect Dark Edit

In this game, the laptop gun boasts a 50 round clip with a dizzying fire rate. The damage is rather low but that can be compensated by the volume of fire. It is handy for a quick response to threats and ideally suited for defense orientated players.

Sentry Gun Edit

Its sentry gun boasts incredible buffs over its precessor. It is able to fire upon valid targets from incredible range, as long it has line of sight on the target.

Even then the low damage is compensated by its rate of fire and accuracy. It does tend to sweep the immediate area both at the target and after it defeats it, which is rather inefficient.

The limited ammunition puts peer pressure on using it for long-term defense plus, and sentry guns may be only deployed once per player and any older guns self-destruct when a new one is thrown.

It is also quite fragile, requiring only a few bullets to decomission it but its explosion can hurt you if you stand too close.

Perfect Dark Zero Edit

The Laptop Gun in this release has had some nerfs than its successor. Foremost, the amount of ammo, you can carry at a given time, has been reduced and so is the magazine size. But don't be discouraged by this; the laptop gun still boasts its amazing rate.

Sentry Gun Edit

The sentry gun is a tad tougher than its successor but it can't shoot as far nor is it as fast to attack it also depends on the remaining rounds in its clip as well.

It wont serve as a great lengthy defense but it can buy you some time by providing suppressing fire on enemies as you proceed to your objective. The gun also has indicators to help decipher its allegiance in order to prevent paranoid players from destroying their team-mates 'guns.

Even then that it can show up on the RCP-90's Threat Detector and even then it can be reprogrammed by its teritary option. Allowing shrewd agents to turncoat the gun against its former owner.


Perfect DarkEdit

  • dataDyne Central: Defection: In a locked room near the elevators. In order to open the door, the player must allow an office worker to unlock it as he is running from the player out of fear (PA).
  • Carrington Villa: Hostage One: Available to use at the start, but it is more effective to disarm one of the guards, as the Laptop Gun takes about 3 seconds to unfold (PA).
  • Air Force One: Antiterrorism: It is available at the start (A) or in the briefcase that Joanna has to acquire (SA/PA).

Perfect Dark ZeroEdit


  • The Laptop Gun in Perfect Dark Zero is considered an assault rifle. Interestingly, in the original Perfect Dark, the gun's primary fire mode is burst fire, rather than fully automatic; burst fire is otherwise exclusive to the assault rifles in the game, and is not used by any other SMG.
  • When the Laptop Gun is deployed as a sentry gun, it can be taken back by pressing B for the original N64 version or double tapping the action button at the sentry gun's location in Perfect Dark Zero.
  • The weapon is a Carrington invention, but it still appears in a secret cache in dataDyne: Defection.
  • Simulants do tend to activate the secondary function of the Laptop Gun when they ran out of ammo. This is perhaps due to the scripting oversight, or game cartridge limitations, by developers who used the same scripting functions for when they run out of ammo for the Dragon


  • The Laptop Gun in Perfect Dark was originally called, less specifically, the PC Gun. This name is still used in its in-game description.
  • In cutscenes where enemy characters appear (Air Base, Carrington Institute: Defense, etc.) the laptop sentry can be deployed (a cheat must be used to obtain it though) before the cutscene starts; if done properly, the sentry will open fire on the enemy character, though they will take no damage.
  • A cheat allows the Sentry Gun to have infinite ammo. Thus eases the pressure off for long-term defense. This cheat dosen't affect simulant thrown ones.

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