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Laptop Gun
Production information

Carrington Institute




Assault Rifle (Perfect Dark Zero), Submachine Gun (Perfect Dark)



Technical specifications

Medium, Shoulder-fired

Fire Mode

Burst Fire

Secondary Function

Deploy As Sentry Gun

Damage Per Hit




Ideal Range


Rate of Fire


Ammunition Type

Pistol Rounds

Magazine Capacity
  • 50 rounds (Perfect Dark)
  • 30 rounds (Perfect Dark Zero)
Maximum Ammunition
  • 800 rounds (Perfect Dark)
  • 200 rounds (Perfect Dark Zero)
  • Carrington Institute

The Laptop Gun is a Carrington Institute submachine gun that is found in Perfect Dark. It is able to carry 50 rounds in its magazine (disregard the hacker footage to the right). The weapon is a formidable element in the field, serving as a covert response arm during anti-terrorism ops such as within Air Force One. Besides being able to fold into a fairly stripped down PC, the Laptop gun can be thrown onto many different surfaces to act as a temperary sentry gun. However, in sentry mode the weapon can burn through its supply of ammunition alarmingly quickly.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A submachine gun made to look like a laptop PC. In disguised form, the gun cannot fire; but when activated, it unfolds into shape. The PC gun will not bear close inspection; it will boot up, but the memory is a quarter of what it is supposed to be. Average fire rate: 1000 RPM.


The Laptop Gun is, as the name indicates, a gun disguised as a laptop PC. It can not fire when in disguised mode, but when activated it unfolds into a bullpup SMG with a 1000 rounds per minute firing rate. In secondary fire mode, the Laptop Gun can be deployed as a sentry gun, taking 200 rounds of ammunition with it which is dangerous if you don't have the ammo to spare.

Throwing the Laptop-sentry should always be done strategically, as it will very quickly deplete the limited ammo supply it carries. The sentry is capable of sticking to almost any surface and, unlike normal drone guns, can attack enemies out of its axis of view and it also seems to have a near-infinite range. The Laptop-sentry can also be picked up, reloaded, and re-used by the same player that threw it; but if a player throws a Laptop-sentry while one is already active, the first will self-destruct into a small explosion.

The sentry itself is quite weak, and can be destroyed easily with small-arms fire. Since the Laptop-sentry is just that: a sentry, it can be detected by the K7 Avenger , Timed Mine, and Proximity Mine; all in secondary mode, of course. A cheat can be unlocked that enables unlimited ammunition for the Sentry gun. It won't affect Simulant thrown ones, however.


Perfect DarkEdit

  • dataDyne Central: Defection: In a locked room near the elevators. In order to open the door, the player must allow an office worker to unlock it as he is running from the player out of fear (PA).
  • Carrington Villa: Hostage One: Available to use at the start, but it is more effective to disarm one of the guards, as the Laptop Gun takes about 3 seconds to unfold (PA).
  • Air Force One: Antiterrorism: It is available at the start (A) or in the briefcase that Joanna has to acquire (SA/PA).

Perfect Dark ZeroEdit

  • When used in Perfect Dark Zero, it only has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds as opposed to 50 in the original N64 game.


  • The Laptop Gun in Perfect Dark Zero is considered an assault rifle. Interestingly, in the original Perfect Dark, the gun's primary fire mode is burst fire, rather than fully automatic; burst fire is otherwise exclusive to the assault rifles in the game, and is not used by any other SMG.
  • When the Laptop Gun is deployed as a sentry gun, it can be taken back by pressing B for the original N64 version or double tapping the action button at the sentry gun's location in Perfect Dark Zero.
  • The weapon is a Carrington invention, but it still appears in a secret cache in dataDyne: Defection.
  • The scripting for a Simulant to throw a Laptop gun is the same for throwing a Dragon. This means that in order for them to throw it, its ammunition must be spent. 


  • The Laptop Gun in Perfect Dark was originally called, less specifically, the PC Gun. This name is still used in its in-game description.
  • In cutscenes where enemy characters appear (Air Base, Carrington Institute: Defense, etc.) the laptop sentry can be deployed (a cheat must be used to obtain it though) before the cutscene starts; if done properly, the sentry will open fire on the enemy character, though they will take no damage.
  • A cheat allows the Sentry Gun to have infinite ammo. It can become an excellent guard dog unless you want to move it.
  • Sentry Guns seem to have unlimited sight. They can easily take an unsuspecting players off guard from a long distance. They are limited only by tangible walls and obstacles.

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