Killian is the leader of a local Hong Kong Triad gang in the year 2020. During this year, he kidnapped research scientist Nathan Zeigler, to ransom off, or presumably worse, his research, the Neurodrive.

Known to be extremely materialistic with a lack of empathy, notably denoting snide remarks such as "business" multiple times and "don't mess with my business" towards Jack Dark on several occasions, and beating up the pilot of his dropship in Rooftops Escape. Being a non-negotiable and vengeful person, he is seemingly relentless for a Triad boss, which in this case he hunts down Jack Dark for "messing with his business". Despite this, he attempted to bribe Jack Dark during the process and avoid bloodshed. He was first seen in his office on Nightclub Stakeout, when Joanna Dark stormed in his office, he threw himself out the window, and he escaped to his warehouse. On Subway Retrieval he escaped in his transport when Joanna enters the warehouse, (provided Joanna enters far enough into the warehouse to trigger it)and is soon seen in Rooftops Escape. He shoots the bridge Jack was struggling to cross with his rockets, after failing to snipe him. He eventually died in his Dropship, in a failed suicide attempt to kill Joanna before it exploded as result of his engines being heavily damaged, but was inches away from the goal.

Killian Penthouse Confrontation

Killian confronted by Jack, in his penthouse during Nightclub Stakeout.

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