This simulant will stop at nothing to destroy its target. It is very aggressive and never keeps its distance - even if it's holding a grenade! Be very careful of an adversary who is not afraid to die.
The KazeSim is a special type of Simulant found in the Combat Simulator.


KazeSims are scripted to relentlessly charge at its target with everything it's got. They will pursue the first enemy they see. It will not safely attack you from afar, but will charge at you until it's literally impaling you with the gun. It truly is unique in the fact that it WILL hold grenades if it is close enough to you. In short, it will do anything to kill its target, even if it means taking its own life. They do not care if they have a weapon in hand or not; if they see you, they are going to attempt to close in on you.


  • KazeSims are great offenders in King of the Hill, they can easily go Rambo and kill all the hill holders at close range, or go suicide bomber with a grenade. Either way, they're effective.
  • KazeSims get up close and personal. Continuously backpedal, and you can dispatch of them in no time.
  • Note that SIMULANT DISTANCE DOES NOT AFFECT ACCURACY. However, the fact that the sim gets really close can be a problem if you're trying to move; its a big target, but it will shift easily.

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