This simulant has a strong sense of justice and despises the tactics of the PreySim. It will always try to kill the winning player in order to even up the score.
The JudgeSim is a special type of Simulant found in the Combat Simulator.


JudgeSims are there to level the playing field. They are scripted to target the player in 1st place, or if there is a team, the player on the opposing team with the most objectives completed (flags, hills caught, etc). If there is a tie for 1st place, the JudgeSim uses scripting of the CowardSim to detect the player with the best weapon. It WILL attack any players it passes by on the way to make justice, however.

JudgeSims, in a nutshell, is basically an anti-PreySim, its targets and tactics, contrast greatly to the Preysim.


  • There are no good strategies for the JudgeSim. If survival is a matter, try to lose: stay unarmed, get killed a little bit, and camp.
  • JudgeSims don't focus their attention on the people they pass. If one of those people happens to be you, punish the JudgeSim for its lack of situational awareness, and knock it off.

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