PDZ Hovercraft in-game

The player driving a Hovercraft.

The Hovercraft is a drivable vehicle in Perfect Dark Zero.

In-Game Description

Pilot and gunner positions with passenger room at sides (pilot's responsibility)

Turret for three interchangable heavy weapons: M60, Plasma Rifle, or Rocket Launcher.


A heavier, ground traversing vehicle for those who need a bit more toughness on their side. Presenting an intimidating target and a interchangable turret position with two armed passengers riding shotgun, a well alert Hovercraft can roam the firefight.

As its nature implies, it can traverse both on land and water, the latter enabling it to travel faster. It can also strafe and allow the frontal part (usually the most armored) to take the full brunt. The gunner is encourage to compensate the craft's momentum to their aim to land successive shots. The turret is also interchangable; the hover-craft usually spawns with an M60 but that can be changed if the gunner has a Rocket Launcher or a Plasma Rifle in hand, allowing the hover craft to take on a variety of situations.

The lumbering weight of the vehicle allows a skilled driver to run over enemies on land as well. It can also be used to damage Jetpacs by simply running into them, but this is not recommended, as the driver and hovercraft both risk taking damage from the explosions. It is even possible to commit suicide in the hovercraft if your hovercraft is damaged enough when it rams Jetpacs on land.


Present a huge target, and the pilot being fairly exposed (the gunner does have limited protection with the turret's shields) the hovercraft can be hit with quite a lot of firepower and a few explosives are sure enough to bring one down. It can also be directly destroyed with a Demo Kit or Rocket Launcher.

The engines are also less reactive to hostile fire. After one of the engines has been hit enough, both engines will explode, taking the rest (along with the driver, passengers, and gunner) with it.


Perfect Dark Zero
  • River Extraction - Joanna Dark and Jack Dark must commandeer a Hovercraft to make their escape, all the while avoiding enemy Hovercrafts.
  • Outpost Rescue - The boss fight against Mai Hem involves her on the gunner position of a Hovercraft. Killing its driver will render Mai Hem immobile, thus making it easier to kill her. Also, destroying the Hovercraft will instantly kill her.
  • Bridge Assault - Joanna is on the gunner position of a Hovercraft at the beginning of the mission, tasked with shooting down two enemy Jetpacs. Also, Jonathan Steinberg is seen using the gunner position of a Hovercraft in the beginning cutscene, although he makes a mistake with his Rocket Launcher and gets severely injured as a result of it.



  • Bots on Secret Agent difficulty or higher will start using the gunner position of the Hovercraft when necessary.

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