Biographical Information
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Weapons DY357-LX and DY357 Magnum
Hair Brown
Chronological and Political Information

HotShot is a simulant buddy that can appear in Perfect Dark's Co-op mode. He is unlocked by completing the mission Area 51: Infiltration on Special Agent in under 5:00. He is a generic CI soldier sharing the face that resembles Lawrence Foster, the range master of the Carrington Institute.


Hotshot is, as his name implies, an exceptionally fast and accurate shot. He carries a DY357-LX in his right hand and a DY357 Magnum in his left hand; he doesn't often use the DY357 Magnum, as he tends to end most fights in one shot from the DY357-LX. In terms of character, he can be considered as a male counterpart of Velvet Dark due to the two being CI Soldiers wielding a specific type of handgun. He can also be considered as a permanent ally version of both Jonathan Steinberg and Trent Easton, for his weapons of choice, as well as his quick reaction and accurate shots.

Voice Clips

Hotshot's voice clips are shared with the generic male enemies that are encountered in the missions. He uses the laid-back set of voice clips that can be heard on certain enemies. There will be a few lines he says that are rarely heard unless the player pays close attention when they are near him. Unlike the ones encountered, Hotshot doesn't have any lines said when he is killed to prevent any shame upon the player's ally's death.


Spotting / Attacking an Enemy

  • "Hey! You!"
  • "Intruder Alert!"
  • "We've gotta contact!"
  • "I got a clear shot!"
  • "Open fire!"
  • "She's mine!"
  • "Surrender, now!"
  • "I see her!"
  • "Wipe her out!"
  • "Give it up!"
  • "Take that!"

Missing the Enemy Target

  • "How did I miss?"
  • "Damn! Missed..."
  • "God's sake, someone hit her!"
  • "She's a tricky one!"

Attacked by Enemy

  • "I'm hit! I'm hit!"
  • "Taking damage!"
  • "I'm taking fire!"

Other (rarely said)

  • "My gun!"


  • Hotshot is one of the known characters to wield the deadly DY357-LX. Others include Trent Easton (the original owner of the gun), and the Area 51 Guard in the Maian SOS mission, wielding two of them.
  • Hotshot will define his enemies as female regardless of gender or race when he spots them. This is due to his voice clips being shared with generic male enemies and that they are meant to be used towards Joanna Dark.

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