Hit and Run
Biographical Information
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Weapons K7 Avenger
Hair Brown
Chronological and Political Information

Hit and Run is a simulant buddy that can appear in Perfect Dark's Co-op mode. He is a bearded man resembling Stanley Grimshaw of the Carrington Institute, wearing a Mr. Blonde overcoat. He can be unlocked by completing the Carrington Villa: Hostage One in under 2:30 on Special Agent.


Hit and Run as his name implies, will shoot at an enemy, dash away, and then shoot again. His weapon of choice is the K7 Avenger, a devastating assault rifle. The distance he runs is increased when he is set to aggressive; when passive, he will still run after shooting, but will stay within the player's general vicinity.

Voice Clips

Hit and Run's voice clips are shared with the generic male enemies that are encountered during the missions. He uses an aggressive set of voice clips that can be heard on certain enemies. Unlike the ones encountered, Hit and Run doesn't have any lines said when he is killed to prevent any shame upon the player's ally's death.


Spotting / Attacking an Enemy

  • "I have you now!"
  • "You won't beat me!"
  • "No escape for you!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Come, on, man!" (has two variations)
  • "Surrender or Die!"
  • "Gah, Damn it!"
  • "Target sighted!"
  • "You're out of your league!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Hey! Distract her!"
  • "Keep her occupied!
  • "Help me out here!"

Missing the Enemy Target

  • "Damn! I missed again!"
  • "I don't believe it!"
  • "Damn you..."
  • "Hell, she's good!"
  • "Stop moving!"

Attacked by Enemy

  • "Damn it! I'm taking fire!"
  • "I'm hit! I'm hit!"
  • "I'm injured!"
  • "Damn! That hurt!"


  • Hit and Run will define his enemies as female regardless of gender or race when he spots them. This is due to his voice clips being shared with generic male enemies and that they are meant to be used towards Joanna Dark.

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