Manufacturer NSA
Type Explosive
Primary Mode 4-Second Fuse
Secondary Mode Proximity Pinball
Damage (per Hit) High
Accuracy Varies
Ideal Range Varies
Rate of Fire Very Low
Maximum Ammo 12 Grenades
Appears in Perfect Dark
An updated version of the trusty grenade. Can be thrown with a four-second fuse or used as a bouncing proximity bomb.
The primary mode of the Grenade uses a four-second fuse, but can be "cooked" by holding down the trigger for a short while. Be careful when doing this as it will detonate in your hand if held for too long, generally causing instant death.

The secondary function of the grenade causes it to bounce uncontrollably off surfaces until it comes close enough to a player, and then explodes. This player can often be the one who threw it unless they are careful, so throwing it into a closed room and shutting the door can be a good tactic.

Shares its model with the N-Bomb, though colored differently.


The first appearance of the Grenade is actually DataDyne Central: Extraction. If you get to the elevator without being hit, you will soon find a guard with a keycard to Cassandra's office. In her office there's a single grenade on the table. Later, the guards in Area 51 tend to carry and use them; when they throw the grenade, it detonates on impact.


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