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The G5 Robot in Chicago: Stealth

The G5 Robot is a dataDyne-produced combat drone that appears in Chicago: Stealth, and Crash Site: Confrontation. It functions much the same as the Hovercopter: if it sees you, it will attempt to eliminate you. While the robot itself is moderately weak to gunfire, the model in Chicago houses an unbreakable shield. 


The G5 Robot is capable of both patrolling in a predetermined matter, and defending an objective, such as a person or area. To accomplish these missions, the robot carries 2 side-mounted laser cannons that each have a high rate of fire. While it carries a lethal arsenal, the droid itself is fairly thick. It can only see directly in front of itself, will not respond to attacks from the back, and cannot detect mines or grenades

In-Game Description

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G5 Robot: Urban combat droid

A combat robot designed for urban warfare. Uses an antigrav unit to hover; heaviy armored and sheilded. Often used to keep out unwanted visitors, due to the 'shoot first and don't ask questions later' programming.


  • The G5 robot has the same voice as the Hovercopter pilot.
  • If it spots you, it will shout: "Stop where you are!"
  • If it spots you while you are attacking it, it will shout: "(uninteligable), under attack!" 
  • Its idle noise seems to be random, uninteligable radio noise.
  • The plasma cannons both have the same barrel as the Cyclone . It also has the same muzzle flash.
  • It fires in a reverse-v style, and will most likely miss you, even on higher difficulties.