Fortress is a Combat Simulator Arena for Perfect Dark. It involves a arena with a huge courtyard, where bridges connect the four 'bases' together.


The courtyard comprimises of two different floors. The lower floor composing of 4 different doors connected by bridges. The doors are color coordinated to ensure players do not get disorientated by the symmetric shape of the arena. Falling off these bridges leads to inevitable suicide.

Overlooking the lower floor is the upper floor. Players scurry to their desired 'base' by the catwalk that spans the outer edge of the courtyard. Four balconies overlook the action on the bridges below. This means that players, on the bridges, are exposed by snipers who would love to use these balconies for a great angle.

Behind the metal slider doors are the bases. Corridors lead, from the ground floor to a hallway, lined with alcoves, ideal for defense as attackers lack leg room. Two moving platforms convey players to the upper hallway. Here, little cover, provided by the lonely crates, makes it hard to evade gunfire. Here the two doors lead out to the balconies, and the catwalk. Like the bridges, the bases are colored in: Red, Blue, Green and Purple to aid orientation.


  • This arena is ideal for KOTH and Capture the Case. The map is symmetrical, meaning every competing team has an equal advantage over the others. Use the balconies to punish those who would dare traverse the deadly killzone below. Watch out for other snipers or players traversing the catwalk, you have little cover.
  • Some crafty players would punch or knock enemies off the bridges to make them fall to their doom. Use this tactic wisely. It can cost you your life.
  • Don't worry about base defense. Ambush or camp potential attackers with a good close-ranged weapon. A right blast from the Shotgun to an unaware enemy gives them a grim reminder about the nature of these tight halls.
  • Rocket Launchers work great in the courtyard. Pour Homing Rockets down upon helpess opponents traversing the bridges, especially on King of the Hill, even better when the Hill is there. The lack of cover provides breathing room for guided missiles to make turns on enemies. Just keep in mind that enemies can make a bean for the doors to escape.

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